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Learning Now

Virtual and Distance Learning
Resources for K-12 Educators and Leaders

Districts are implementing a multitude of instructional programs; and now that COVID cases are spiking, many are moving away from in-person and back to hybrid, continuous, and distance learning. Equip yourself with new models and practical, tactical support for teachers, families, and leaders. Explore these resources, including our YouTube Playlist to learn how to deepen your practice, provide support to your team around instruction, and center on equity in your approaches.
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Teacher Guide:
Best Practices for Virtual/Remote
Classroom Facilitation

Returning back to hybrid or distance learning? Return to our best practices for leading classes.




Distance Learning Checklists Cover

Distance Learning Checklists for School Leaders

There is a lot to consider when planning for and executing high-impact distance learning that meets the needs of both teachers and students. This resource includes specific checklists for leaders as they plan for and support the implementation of high quality distance learning. Support your teachers now.



Distance Learning Core 4 Look Fors Guide Resource Thumbnail

Distance Learning Walkthrough Guide

Explore this walkthrough guide for the distance learning classroom - aka "Virtual, Core 4 Look Fors". While many indicators of success and struggle (see the Core 4 of Personalized Learning) remain the same no matter the nature of a classroom – in-person or online. There are unique aspects to distance learning classrooms, captured here.



First 20 Days of Virtual Learning

First 20 Days of Virtual Learning

A tool for all teachers PreK-12, from those who are new to implementing virtual learning to those who are further along on their journey.



Connect - An Equitable Engagement Guide

Connect - An Equitable Engagement Guide

This guide is the beginning of part of a 3-part series on how school and district leaders might improve educational equity through deliberate actions, starting with connecting with their communities and others.




Upcoming Webinars

Register for one of our upcoming webinars on Learning Now with Distance Learning and Equity. Click the webinar link to register for an individual webinar or click the button below to register for the full series. 

Learning Now Series:

Our 2021 Webinar series registration will be  coming out soon!

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Sign Up For Office Hours

We are offering free office hours to support you and your school district during this time of crisis. We invite you to speak 1:1 with an experienced Ed Elements team member to discuss how you will address the widespread impact COVID-19 has on your school district. We will evaluate your current situation, provide expert advice, and answer all of your questions! 

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Learning Center

Explore our learning center with guides, articles, white papers, and videos ranging topics including: 

  • Return Planning 
  • Leading Through Uncertainty
  • Virtual Learning
  • Remote Work
  • Team Habits 
  • Communication 

and more! Filter by topic or content type and find the support that best aligns with your needs. 

Learning Center


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On-Demand Webinars

Register to watch on-demand webinars on scenario planning, centering equity in return plans, crisis and change management, communication, and remote work. Access the webinars as your schedule permits. 


From District Leaders to District Leaders Webinar

Explore Our Equity Partnership

We have been supporting schools and districts to reflect on their efforts to make equity more central to their work. Explore how we might support your team address the systems, not the symptoms.


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